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Follow ups that close deals for you

Sales follow ups that close deals for you

Over the past few months I've been diving into my new role at Vidyard as an Account Executive. Coming from the BDR world of outbound prospecting it was always clear to me how video impacts a reps ability to book more meetings by helping them stand out from the noise and develop relationships quickly.

However, coming into my new role I was a bit skeptical on how much of an impact video could really make in the later stages of a sales cycle. I had never came across a challenge in that respect that I thought video could make a huge difference even in my experience doing full-cycle sales selling marketing services. Nonetheless, I kept an open mind and soon found out why my new colleagues see video as an absolute must for any Account Executive.

The land mine strategy

Video will help you humanize your sales process and communicate more effectively, but what I think really has changed the game for me is the land mine strategy. What is the land mine strategy? Well first off, you need GoVideo a tool we offer at Vidyard which even has a free version that allows you to receive real-time notifications when someone watches your video.

After all of of my demo calls, I create a proposal with a video walkthrough using GoVideo for my prospects. In the proposal I quickly recap the value, go over pricing, and provide any other information they would need to purchase. Then from there I continue my sales cycle based on the situation. If the call went great I will continue on my conversation with the prospect. If it went terrible I close their file as they requested and move on to the next one. But why would I send a proposal to someone who isn't interested? I do it because I'm setting land mines. You wouldn't believe the amount of notifications I get saying a specific person watched 100% of my proposal video two months after the fact and the best part is all I have to do from there is pick up the phone and ask them if it's now more of a priority. Some colleagues of mine have had this happen to them on proposals that are over a year old! Ultimately, this simple tactic has been helping me close more deals that I would have completely overlooked.

What are some ways that you manage your opportunities that have gone dark?

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