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2 technologies YOU NEED to Go-to-Market

Go-to-market startup strategy

I've had the pleasure of working with many companies to bring new products and verticals to life. Bringing these new ideas to market is often a stressful and exciting undertaking. But, how can you put your team in a position to succeed?

Technology is a great place to start! However, it's often extremely overwhelming to know what tech you truly need and what's just a nice to have. This isn't surprising as there are thousands of companies and offerings in the marketing technology industry alone. Therefore, I always recommend focusing on the two main challenges that you know you must face in any Go-to- Market situation. First, identifying the people matching your ideal customer profile and knowing how to contact them. Then effectively getting their attention and converting them into sales opportunities.

Overcoming these specific obstacles have never been easier thanks to technology. Below are two crucial pieces of technology that will allow you to locate, contact, and convert your ideal customers into actual customers:


A B2B contact database that allows you to quickly and easily search for the individuals or companies who exactly match your ideal customer profile so you can spend more time on outreach efforts. I've personally used this tool and it's a game changer! I'm constantly trying to expand my offerings into new verticals and double down on verticals that are clear winners so easily finding new people that I can build relationships with is huge. The tool even gives accurate contact information so you don't have to spend all your time guessing on how to get ahold of people. Pairing Zoominfo with an honourable mention Sales Navigator can make your workflow much smoother, but I wouldn't say it's a must. Give it a shot!

Vidyard GoVideo

Once you've gathered a list of people who are a great fit to be your first customers and also have the means to reach out you've overcome the first main hurdle. However, I would argue that's the easy part! Realistically there are hundreds if not thousands of people that will also be trying to capture those individual's attention and time. How can you possibly compete? Being personal, efficient, and relevant. Vidyard's GoVideo tool is an incredible piece of technology that allows you to achieve this essential recipe for success. You can create videos and personalize them by writing a name on a white board, which can all be done and sent in seconds from a laptop. I credit much of my success to this tool as it helped me acquire an international client base for a marketing company I started in my dorm room at University. More recently, its even helped me drive the first revenues for my SaaS business Lendr and break records as a BDR at Vidyard (Disclaimer: Yes I work here). I highly recommend giving it a try by using the Free tool GoVideo.

Do you agree? What tech stack would you recommend?

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