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Why you should use video for sales outreach

Why you should use video for sales outreach

In April of 2018, I had just graduated from University and was eager to launch my career in sales.

Throughout my time at University I was passionate about the technology and marketing world, so naturally, I was honoured to have the opportunity to start my career at Vidyard as a BDR. Having never been in a formal sales role prior to this, all of my focus was on proving that I could be a top performer as quickly as possible. Setting up a rigid structure for how I use my time each day and not leaving the building until I reached my activity goal immediately proved to be beneficial strategies like they have been for most new BDRs.

However, one strategy stood out to me as the most effective. Using video in my prospecting efforts helped me immediately make an impact resulting in my obtainment of 1400% of my quota in my first month and my promotion shortly after.

There are BDRs everywhere reaching out to the same prospects on a daily basis, which means it’s very important to standout. Incorporating video into my email outreach has without a doubt, done that for me, but it has also given me the opportunity to make my message more powerful. Looking back now, there were two main ways that video helped me cut the learning curve and acquire meaningful opportunities with my prospecting efforts. Video allows you to convey body language and tonality, which as we all know are vital aspects of communication.

Body language in video prospecting:

One of the most powerful forms of communication has always been body language. It can help you display empathy, positivity, certainty, reason, and even urgency without a single word being said. Having this understanding while creating videos has allowed me to immediately connect with prospects by utilizing a few simple tactics. Being conscious of the facial expressions you’re using in different segments of your videos is a great place to start. For example, in the first few seconds of your video you will want to show sincere positivity. But, later in the video when you’re expressing your curiosity towards their current initiatives it’s not as effective to have the same positive body language. In this part of the video, I’ve found it helpful to use the same body language that you’d use when you’re concerned for someone’s well being, as it helps convey empathy. Lastly, leaning into the camera a bit when you start to tell a prospect how your company is helping others has been very effective. It’s very similar to the body language you use when telling someone a secret in-person. Ultimately, this helps to communicate both scarcity and urgency to your prospect early on. This is not something that can be conveyed in a text-based email or phone call, which gives you an immediate edge.

Tonality in video prospecting:

Another extremely powerful aspect of communication is the tone you use when speaking. Being mindful of tonality while prospecting helps you satisfy the needed emotional side of the sale early on. Your tone is another great way to express scarcity and urgency by simply lowering your voice when talking about a customer story. Like leaning into the camera, it comes across as secretive to your prospect; therefore it’s more intriguing and captures attention. Furthermore, a great tonality to use when asking a prospect to book time in your calendar is the same tone that you’d use when asking someone “That’s fair, right?” It conveys that you’re a reasonable person and that it’s not a big deal to book a meeting. Using these tones rather than just a positive and energetic tone throughout the entire prospecting video will help increase the prospect’s logical and emotional certainty.

Video is a fantastic way to communicate as a sales or marketing professional and it has made a tremendous impact on my career already. Have you given it a try yet?

If you'd like to learn more about how you could be using video in an easy and personal way for business feel free to shoot me an email:

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