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Advisor to founders on the journey from $0 to $1M ARR that are selling to companies with less than 500 employees.

Companies backed by:

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For SMB Founders

We help you Go from zero to 40 meetings booked per month

We help you get 30% more revenue from existing Pipeline 

We help you hire and scale sales talent to accelerate growth

We know cash is important so our fees are done through advisory shares which range from 0.25% to 1% based on company stage

What Clients Say

Amar Chahal, Co-founder & CEO


"Increased ARR By 3x In 6 Months"

"Prior to working with Ryan, building pipeline consistently was a challenge. This was preventing us from scaling our revenue at our desired pace. The training from Ryan allowed my team to start booking more qualified meetings consistently, ultimately helping us increase our recurring revenue by 3x in just 6 months."


Haroon Mirza, Co-founder & CEO


"Win Rate On Deals Is Up 2.4X"

"Before Ryan, we tried a number of sales consultants, trainers and accelerators with limited success. Ryan had an immediate and sustained impact to our sales process - it helped us get to a place of predictability and repeatability. We fundamentally changed our approach to how we make cold calls, run demos, conduct decision calls, and train new team members. Over the last year, our team's win rate is up 2.4X. In Q1 2021 we signed 4X more deals than in Q1 2020. Working with Ryan has hands down been one of the best decisions we ever made."


Drew Mortensen, Founder & CEO


"Increased MRR By 5X In 8 Months"

"Prior to working with Ryan, closing deals was a challenge due to the saturation of our market. This was forcing us to offer month-to-month payment plans for our services, even though it wasn't ideal for the business. The training from Ryan allowed me to negotiate more effectively, ultimately enabling me to secure more quarterly/annual deals while improving my overall win rate. In just 8 months my team has increased our MRR by 5x."

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About us

I'm Ryan Frampton and I'm on a mission to help Founders achieve the impossible and go from $0 to $1M of ARR. I've spent my career operating in, leading, and advising high performing sales teams in SaaS.

This started when I joined YC-backed Vidyard as a BDR, where I broke the all-time record for the most amount of opportunities generated in my first quarter. I then moved into an Account Executive role where in my first fiscal year I closed the most net new logo ARR in the entire company. I then got the opportunity to start leading a team of full-cycle outbound AEs as a Team Lead. With the success this saw, it propelled me to become the leader of the SMB Sales Department at Vidyard as a Sr. Sales Manager where I oversaw 3 Sales Leaders and 20 Account Executives. During this time we brought Vidyard's SMB customer base from $1M ARR to $9M ARR. During this time I advised startups such as DemandHub and HyperComply through their journey from $100k of ARR to $1M of ARR. I then joined HyperComply as the Head of Sales where I helped grow ACV by 62% and shortened sales cycles by 59% during my tenure.

Most recently, I co-founded a startup called Quil where I raised over $1M from the investors that also funded companies like Clearco, Terminus, Loom, Ada, Applyboard, Vendr, Openphone, Substack, and more.

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Due to bandwidth constraints, we only work with companies that are referred to us by their investors or mutual connections.

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