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Amar Chahal, Co-founder & CEO

"Prior to working with CoCloser, building pipeline consistently was a challenge. This was preventing us from scaling our revenue at our desired pace. The training from CoCloser allowed my team to start booking more qualified meetings consistently, ultimately helping us increase our recurring revenue by 3x in just 6 months."


Haroon Mirza, Co-founder & CEO


"Before CoCloser, we tried a number of sales consultants, trainers and accelerators with limited success. CoCloser had an immediate and sustained impact to our sales process - it helped us get to a place of predictability and repeatability. We fundamentally changed our approach to how we make cold calls, run demos, conduct decision calls, and train new team members. Over the last year, our team's win rate is up 2.4X. In Q1 2021 we signed 4X more deals than in Q1 2020. Working with CoCloser has hands down been one of the best decisions we ever made."


Drew Mortensen, Founder & CEO


"Prior to working with CoCloser, closing deals was a challenge due to the saturation of our market. This was forcing us to offer month-to-month payment plans for our services, even though it wasn't ideal for the business. The training from CoCloser allowed me to negotiate more effectively, ultimately enabling me to secure more quarterly/annual deals while improving my overall win rate. In just 8 months my team has increased our MRR by 5x."

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Access to video lessons that train & certify your team on how to build pipeline effectively and close deals at a high win rate. This will give them skills such as cadence design, cold calling, demo prep & discovery, presenting an engaging demo, going over pricing, and handling objections, securing next steps, negotiating effectively, and how to revive dark opportunities.

The perfect way for you to invest in your revenue generating capabilities. This program provides you with the advanced sales frameworks and tactics needed to close revenue predictably, scale your team, and hit your revenue milestones.


Access to video lessons that train & certify you as the Founder on how to design a predictable sales process, hire rockstar sales talent, and onboard them in the most effective way.


Access to up to 4 lifeline credits per month where each credit allows you and your team to submit a quick question or call snippet. The CoCloser team will then provide you with an answer within 4 business days in the form of either text or video.

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